Dorset Harebit recipe with Badger Beer

RECIPE: Red Onion Marmalade with Dorset Badger Beer 

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Onion marmalade makes a great recipe for an edible gift.  Double the quantities and keep a jar for yourself.  It’s ideal to serve alongside a corned beef sandwich or partnered with  traditional cheddar cheese for a sublime toastie.

Alternatively create a ‘Ploughman’s Hamper’ for your next picnic.  Fill a basket with homecooked gammon and Dorset Blue Vinny, rustic bread and a jar or two of your favourite pickles.

Makes approx 450 g 

Replenish The Pantry for Lunch or Supper

Prepare 20 mins

Cook 1 – 2 hours 

depending on your oven/hob

Total 1- 2 hours

includes simmering/reduction time



100 g butter

675 g red onions – thinly sliced

1 teaspoon Dorset sea salt


Black pepper

175 g golden caster sugar

100 ml cider vinegar

225 ml Badger Beer Hopping Hare



In a heavy based pan with deep sides, melt the butter and add the thinly sliced red onions. 

Stir the onions to evenly distribute melted butter. 

Reduce heat and cover with a tightly fitting piece of baking parchment placed directly over the onions. 

Slowly sweat until the onions are soft and melting.  

Occasionally check and stir the pan to make sure that onions are not catching. 

Once soft, increase heat and add one teaspoon finely ground Dorset Sea Salt, freshly ground black pepper to taste and golden caster sugar. 

Stir well whilst sugar is dissolving. Watch pan while onions caramelise to golden brown colour.

Add cider vinegar and 225 ml Hopping Hare from Badger Beer.

Reduce heat so that the pan doesn’t catch.  Continue to simmer uncovered (or transfer to AGA simmering oven) to reduce and thicken.

Notes for cooks

Store onion marmalade in a sterilised jar.  

We’ve shared more preserving notes in the blog. 

Keep for one week in fridge. 

How to serve:

  • Spread inside a cheese sandwich to make a great tasting toastie
  • Dollop a generous spoonful beside a thick slice of gammon ham.
  • Replace the onions or leeks to make a ‘speedy’ quiche
  • Add a spoonful to casseroles and ragouts for extra flavour
  • Serve alongside charcuterie and terrines for a tasty lunch or quick supper


How to cook in the AGA 

Melt butter in pan on warming plate or simmering oven

Coat onions in melted butter and cover with baking parchment.  Transfer pan to AGA to continue cooking.

When the onions are soft and melting transfer the pan to the AGA boiling plate

Add the beer and vinegar and bring to a steady boil then transfer to AGA simmering oven to reduce and thicken.

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