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RECIPE: Autumn Bliss Raspberry Jam

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Treat your homemade cakes and sponges with a generous spoonful of homemade jam or dollop on to porridge for a breakfast treat. 

Scroll down for to read how to make seedless raspberry jam – perfect for trifle or Bakewell tart! 

Makes approximately 800 g jam 

Breakfast or Tea

Prepare 10 mins

Cook 10 – 15 mins

Total 25 mins

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  • 500 g freshly picked raspberries 
  • 500 g granulated cane sugar
  • juice of half a lemon

You will also need:

Freshly washed jam jars

New lids for recycled jars

Ideally a sugar/preserving thermometer 


Prepare jam jars – we’ve shared our preserving tips if you’d like to learn more.

Measure the raspberries into a heavy based preserving pan (or use a stockpot).  Place over high heat and mash the berries with a wooden spoon (or potato masher).

Gently bring the fruit to boiling point. Lower heat and then carefully add the granulated sugar.

Continue to stir over low heat all of the time and until the sugar has completely dissolved. 

Stop stirring when the sugar is completely dissolved and increase the temperature so that the jam will begin to boil rapidly as it reaches setting point.

To check for a set, please read the preserving tips before you start making jam. 

Remove from the heat and leave the pot and jam to stand on a heat proof surface for five minutes.  Then, use a sterilised spoon and carefully remove any scum that has risen to the surface during that time.

Carefully pour the jam into the prepared sterilised jars.  A preserving funnel is useful for this but not essential for a small quantity.

Seal the hot jars immediately and then label when cold.

How to make seedless raspberry jam

Puree the fruit using a liquidiser or food processor then pass the pulp trough a nylon sieve.

Measure the raspberry puree and add 450 g granulated cane sugar to every 600 ml of fruit.

Then follow the recipe above. 

AGA Cooks Tip

To make jam on a traditional AGA:

Using simmering oven to warm sugar before adding it to fruit

Warm sterilised jars in simmering oven

Make jam at the beginning of the day when AGA has stored heat.

To achieve the best set, do not increase the recipe by more than 900 g of fruit to 900 g granulated cane sugar. 



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