Most homemade truffle recipes suggest that you scoop the mixture into balls before shaping and dusting in cocoa powder or rolling into chopped nuts.  This is quite time consuming so try pouring the mixture into a tray bake tin and allow to set in a cold place.  Simply turn the truffle bar out on to a clean chopping board dusted in cocoa powder and cut the truffles into even pieces.  Place in a pretty bag tied with a ribbon.  We promise they will not be around for long!

You will need:

150 ml (5 floz) double cream

350g (12 oz) 70% cocoa solid chocolate – chopped into small pieces

30ml (2 tbsp) of your favourite liqueur

25g (1 oz) unsalted butter

Cocoa powder for dusting

A Swiss roll tin (approx 22cm long) lined with baking parchment


Place cream in a small pan and heat until scalding point (just below boiling).

Remove from heat and add chopped chocolate, mix well until completely melted.

Stir in butter and liqueur, mix well to combine.

Pour into tray and allow to set until firm but still soft enough to cut through easily.  Cut into even size pieces and dust with extra cocoa.