Large Duck Egg Blue Linen, Reusable Bowl Cover with AGA Design

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Our very own farmhouse kitchen extra large bowl cover with AGA design.  Screen printed and hand crafted by Helen Round and her team in Cornwall.  We are super excited to share this bespoke design created for us by illustrator Sarah Leuzzi.

A really useful oversized bowl cover that will fit perfectly over your wooden salad bowl or sourdough ferment.  We also use ours to cover the Kitchen Aid mixing bowls.

Also available as a set of three matching bowl covers (as shown) & 100% linen tea towel.

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Gift voucher with a hand written note (£5.00)

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Extra-large natural linen, reusable bowl cover with a bespoke screen printed AGA design.  Fits perfectly over mixing bowls to cover dough while proving.  All of our linen bowl covers are easy to keep clean either by hand or machine wash at 30 C.  Reuse time and again to protect ingredients or prepared salads.  Ideal for eating outside in the garden or to take on a picnic.

At the cookery school we use our extra-large bowl covers everyday for ferments, proving dough, marinating and much more!  An ideal gift for AGA cooks and anyone who loves to bake.

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We love these extra large bowl covers because they look great as well as being practical:

  • Suitable to use in the fridge but equally don’t look out of place on the kitchen counter.
  • Ideal for covering food whilst dining outside or preparing the barbeque.
  • Ingredients can be prepared ahead of time and stored in the larder, fridge or at ambient temperatures.*
  • The bowl covers allow food to breathe so are ideal for sourdoughs and ferments.
  • Linen covers are reusable as well as washable so they are a great alternative to cling film and plastic bags.

*Following food safety and hygiene guidelines.

We are really proud to stock sustainable linens by Helen Round. All tried and tested in our busy cookery school kitchen .

  • In addition to being beautifully designed, all of the materials used in these products are ethically sourced and made using small batch production, with each linen piece hand-printed, using traditional screen-printing techniques.
  • Each product is designed to minimise waste and offer customers a sustainable, low impact, environmentally friendly alternative to single use products
  • The reusable and long lasting nature of their eco-products cuts out the use of cling-film.
  • Easily washable either by hand or in a machine @ 30 C
  • This community based company evidently values its team who are rewarded with a living wage

The Helen Round philosophy is to create products that are long lasting, beautifully made and of excellent quality, with the smallest possible impact on the environment.

We hope you love the range as much as we do!

Care instructions

To keep your large linen bowl cover looking its best:

Machine washable at 30 degrees or hand wash

Tried and tested in the cookery school kitchen and never shrinks or fades with constant use.


One large bowl cover especially made to fit mixing bowls with a maximum diameter of 45 cm.  Ideal for salads, soaking dried fruit to make rich fruit cakes, covering sourdough and other ferments, or pizza dough.

Made from

100% linen