A step by step guide to create your own festive wreath that can be fully composted and recycled after Christmas.

Get creative this holiday season with foliage gathered from your garden and a kit containing everything you need to create your own evergreen decoration.   

You will need: A sharp pair of scissors or secateurs.  Please take a look at our wreath making kit for a list of equipment.

Plan ahead: A couple of days before you want to make your wreath, gather a large bundle of evergreen foliage and herbs.  Trim the stems of larger leaves and plunge them into a couple of deep buckets full of water.  This will ensure your greenery has a good drink before arranging.

We use a 10″ copper ring, which is included in our kits, and this forms the structure to our wreath.  Using florist wire, make a loop at the 12 o’clock point on the copper wreath ring.  Make sure this is really secure as the wreath will be surprisingly heavy when it is finished.

So that you don’t loose this hanging loop whilst you are creating your very own unique festive decoration, we suggest tying a brightly coloured ribbon to this, whilst you are working. Next double tie a roll of garden sting or jute twine on to the outer wire of the copper wreath ring and leave this connected.

Take a handful of moss and squeeze this tightly in both hands so that you make a sphere about the size of a golf ball.  Using the twine secure this in place so that the moss is sitting on the wire ring but NOT passing through. Hold this in place with one turn of the jute twine.  Continue placing equal balls of moss around the wreath ring and securing these with one turn of the jute twine. Make sure that each addition of moss is tightly packed beside the last.  It is also important that each ball of moss is the same size.

When the ring is full, simply tie the jute twine on to the initial starting point and make a double knot before cutting. You should now have a even sized ring of moss to create a natural oasis.

Gather together small bunches of foliage and tie these at the stem with garden twine or jute.  Check the hanging hook is back at the 12 o’clock position and then start attaching the bunches to the moss ring securing these with the twine. As you reach the halfway point leave a space for the bow. Then continue to fill the remainder of the ring so that the moss is completely covered.  Hold the ring up and check that no gaps are remaining. 



When you choose your foliage you need to remember to include a variety of shapes, colours and varieties of greenery.  This will create form and interest to your decoration.  We love to include as many perennial herbs such as Rosemary, Myrtle and Bay because they are so highly scented and evoke memories of Christmases past.

Attach a meter of velvet ribbon around the wreath ring so that it weaves inside and out.  Secure this with mossing pegs.  Then make a bow and secure this to the base so that the tails hang downwards. Using florist wire attach the cones, citrus and cinnamon to the wreath.  Secure these with mossing pegs if necessary. 

Your Christmas wreath is complete and ready to hang at your front door or garden gate.