Home Delivery: Make Two Traditional Festive Wreaths Christmas Kit


Create a traditional decoration to hang on your front door and another to gift.

Over many years, the popular festive wreath making workshops at All Hallows’ Farmhouse have always filled quickly.  Everything you will need to create TWO beautiful Christmas decorations now now available in a compostable box that can be delivered directly to your home. Simply gather a selection of your favourite evergreen foliage and follow our easy steps or online classes.

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How to make your traditional Christmas wreath:

Stage 1

A day or two before you wish to make your festive decoration, gather a selection of your favourite evergreens from your garden or ask a friend if they are happy for you to help yourself from their borders.

You will need: Evergreen foliage such as Ilex (holly), Hedera (ivy), Eucalyptus, Salvia rosmarinus (rosemary), Laurus noblis (bay), Pittosporum, Hebe, Cupressus, Elaeagnus and Buxus (boxwood). Try to choose a selection of greenery with an assortment of shades, shape and form including variegated species and aromas.

Trim the lower leaves away and cut the stems with a sharp knife or secateurs.  Immediately plunge the stems into a deep bucket of water so that the greenery can get a good drink of water before you create your decoration.  This process is called ‘conditioning’. Store the buckets of foliage is a cool, dark place.

Stage 2

Unpack your box and make sure that you have a sharp pair of florist scissors or secateurs to cut your stems to the length you require.  Working on a table, follow our easy steps including in your kit or join one of our online classes.  We have also made a video to help you follow each stage.

Please add a note within your online order.

Option 1: Select the wreath making kit as described in our ‘what’s included’ list.  Please let us know if you would like to include the roll or wreath wrap to maintain the moisture within the moss and make your decoration to last throughout the Christmas holidays.

Option 2: If you prefer to make a 100% recyclable wreath, then do let us know and we will substitute the wreath wrap with additional festive decorations such as dried oranges, cinnamon and fir cones.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or would like further information on ‘how to make a Christmas wreath’.

We have included all the materials you will need to make two Christmas decorations.  One to gift and another for you to keep and hang on your front door.

Unpack your Christmas wreath making kit which will include:

Sustainable moss gathered under licence from the Welsh hills

2 x Copper 10″ wreath ring (make one for you and one to gift)

Stub wires – to make the hanging hook and fixing fir cones

A spool of garden jute twine*

A roll of wreath wrap* (optional – see below)

A bundle of natural raffia*

Mossing pegs – please take care with the sharp points.

A roll of Emerald green velvet ribbon (63 x 10 yds) to create a bow*

20 Natural fir cones.

16 Dried citrus slices

12 Cinnamon sticks

Full instructions with easy to follow steps that link with our video tutorial or join one of our real time online classes.

You will also need a sharp pair of scissors and a skewer or similar sharp tool with a sharp point.

A useful guide to gathering greenery and conditioning is also included.  It’s a great idea to prepare your foliage ahead of time, so that you can be sure to make it last throughout the holidays.

Follow each step in our Video Workshop for creating your All Hallows Traditional Festive Christmas Wreath:

Mulberry & Fig homewares have been exclusively created for us by artisans located in the West Country, as well as a few especially selected treats from further afield.



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