4 Clementines or two large oranges

8oz/225g caster sugar

9oz/250g ground almonds

6 free range medium size eggs

1 level teaspoon baking powder

To decorate:

1 packet of dried cranberries or sour cherries – soaked overnight in your favourite liqueur, we suggest Disarrono

Tub of Greek-style yoghurt with honey



Heat oven to 190 C

2-oven AGA – slide grid shelf to floor of oven and place plain shelf over the top of baking tray.  Check halfway through cooking.

3,4 or 5-oven AGA – slide grid shelf on to fourth set of runners in baking oven.

Line a Swiss roll tin (30 cm x 20 cm) with baking parchment paper.

Keep the fruit whole and place in a saucepan full of water. Bring to the boil and gently simmer until the Clementines are soft.

Or transfer the pan to your AGA simmering oven.

Cut Clementines in half and then into quarters, (if using oranges remove the pips) but saving as much juice as possible. Puree in a food processor.

Add the remaining ingredients and pulse together to form a batter.

Pour into the prepared tin, ensuring that the mixture is even, and place on the middle shelf of conventional oven for 20-30 minutes.

Remove from oven when firm to touch and golden; allow to cool completely before stamping into rounds of your preferred portion size (or cut into squares).  Dust with icing sugar and top with Greek-style yoghurt and the cranberries soaked in liqueur.


Cooks’ Tips:

Best eaten on the day you make these, but will freeze for up to one month.

Store in a very cool place to keep fresh, wrapped well in parchment/foil.

For Christmas Day try serving with fresh fruit such as pomegranate and slices of star fruit to replicate holly leaves and berries.


As a gluten free alternative omit the baking powder and separate the eggs instead of adding them whole.  Add the yolks to the processed orange and almond mixture and mix well.  Meanwhile whisk the whites until soft peaks form.  Gently fold the egg white into the orange mixture and proceed as above.