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Classic Swiss Roll Recipe

This quick and easy recipe is ideal for a Sunday tea time treat.

A great store cupboard standby. Simply fill with jam and roll up whilst warm, to serve in a hurry.  Or, take a little more time and generously spread softly whipped cream topped with berries, before rolling to serve as a decadent pudding.  Who can resist a second slice?

To make six generous portions.  You will need: 

A standard traybake or Swiss Roll tin measuring 38 cm x  25 cm 

4 medium free range eggs, beaten together

100 g  golden caster sugar

100 g plain flour – sifted

Filling of your choice:

Homemade jam, lemon curd or berries

150ml double cream – lightly whipped to soft peak stage



Line a Swiss roll tin 2 with baking parchment, silicon paper or buttered greaseproof paper.

Preheat conventional oven to 180 C or gas Mark 4 or bake to in the AGA – we’ve included additional tips and tricks below.

Crack eggs into a bowl of your stand mixer.  Add sugar (or using a hand held appliance)  whisk together until you have achieved ribbon stage.

This means that the mixture will be pale in colour, tripled in bulk and when you lift the whisk, a trail of mix will be visible on the surface. 

In three stages, gently sift a third of the flour on to the surface of the mixture.  Fold the mixture in a figure of eight motion, until the dry ingredients are fully incorporated and no particles of flour remain.

Don’t over mix at this stage else the sponge will be heavy.

Spread  the sponge mix evenly into the lined Swiss roll tin.

Bake for approximately 15 – 20 minutes on the middle shelf of a conventional oven until the sponge is golden and springs to the touch.

how to make a Swiss roll recipe

Remove the tin from the oven, allow to cool slightly so that steam escapes from the sponge.

This helps to ensure the moisture will not be trapped when the sponge is rolled.

Cut a large piece of parchment twice the size of your sponge and place on a flat work surface.  Sprinkle with caster sugar.  (Alternatively use a clean tea towel to roll up the sponge).

Whilst the sponge is still warm, turn it out onto the parchment, so that the lining paper is uppermost and the sponge surface is laying on top of the caster sugar.

Check that the paper is not tucked underneath.  If so, ease out gently and and then carefully remove by peeling from one corner.

Once paper is removed, let steam escape for a minute or so.

How to roll up:

Use the fresh sheet of baking parchment (or clean tea towel)  to lift and roll the sponge up, enclosing the baking parchment within the rolled sponge.

Leave rolled for a few moments whilst you prepare the filling.

Carefully unroll the sponge and cool completely.  Once it is cold, fill with whipped cream and fruit, roll again and serve.

If you are in a hurry, simply spread jam on the warm sponge before rolling whilst still warm.

Hold and roll the baking parchment either side of the sponge whilst rolling, but try not press down on the cake else the crumb will become compact and sticky.

Unroll the sponge and cool completely.  Once it is cold, fill with whipped cream and fruit, roll again and serve. 

If you are in a hurry, fill with jam whilst still warm and roll once filled to serve immediately.

Top tips for baking your Swiss Roll in a 2-oven AGA

Instead of plain flour, measure equal quantity of self-raising flour.

Slide grid shelf on to the floor of the AGA roasting oven and remember to slide a cold plain shelf over the top of Swiss roll when you bake.

Place tin at the front of the oven and avoid pushing any further back than necessary.  Check half way through cooking time.

how to make a classic Swiss roll

To bake in a 3,4,5 – oven AGA

Follow the conventional method above but slide the grid shelf on to the floor of the AGA baking oven.   Bake 15 – 20 minutes and follow instructions above to fill and roll.

If you have a traditional AGA and need to follow the 80/20 rule, depending on your oven, you may find it best to bake your Swiss Roll on the fourth runner of the baking oven.

easy Swiss roll recipe

To make a chocolate Swiss Roll or Festive Yule Log

Reduce the flour to 75 g and replace with 25 g  premium cocoa.  Fill with chocolate ganache or butter cream before rolling.

To make chocolate buttercream.

100 g unsalted butter – at room temperature, so remove from the fridge 20 minutes ahead of time

125 g icing sugar

25 g dark cocoa

1 pinch finely ground sea salt

4 – 6 tsp dairy or hazelnut milk

Add the butter to bowl and use a wooden spoon to beat until soft.  In stages, sift in the icing sugar and cocoa.  Beat into the mixture between each stage.  Add the salt and milk to taste.  You may not require all of the milk (it will depend on the water content of your butter).

Use a palette knife to spread the filling within the sponge before rolling up.   Use the remaining to spread on top of the Swiss Roll or Yule Log.  Decorate with fresh berries or festive marzipan leaves depending on season.

To make chocolate ganache

200 g 70 % dark chocolate – calets or chopped buttons

200 ml double cream

A pinch finely ground sea salt

1 teaspoon unsalted butter

Measure the chocolate pieces into a large bowl and gently heat until it reaches scalding point. Pour the cream over the chocolate, add the butter and salt and let it stand for a minute.  Ideally leave the bowl on the AGA warming plate for bottom heat.

Stir gently until the chocolate and cream are completely combined.  Leave to cool and then use to fill the sponge.

Seasonal Alternatives


Gently roast forced rhubarb until tender.  Cool and drain.  Mix a tub of mascarpone and finely chopped stem ginger together and spread instead of whipped cream.  Top with rhubarb and roll.


Make a chocolate* version and fill with ganache.  Decorate with whipped cream, edible flowers and chocolate eggs.

*See the notes below


Fill with strawberries, Chantilly cream and top with more berries and meringue kisses.


Add a pinch of cinnamon to the flour.  To roll mix together a small tub of ricotta with a couple tablespoons double cream.  Top with apricot compote.  Decorate with whipped cream, toasted almonds and praline.


Vintage classic with a 70’s retro version combining black cherries, kirsch, double cream, ganache and dark chocolate shavings.

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