Online ‘back to basics’ AGA cookery class.


A combined course of two ‘one to one’ online sessions with the opportunity to keep in touch with AGA cookery questions in between each tutorial.

This  package has been especially developed for busy clients who may have recently moved to a home with either a traditional or new generation AGA but may not have the availability to visit Dorset.


Online classes will resume in the autumn 2024 term.  Please scroll down for more info, or reserve a full day class at the farmhouse.

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Easy to follow stages as well as clear handouts and core recipes to help you get to grips with your beloved AGA. This class is ideal for anyone who has just moved to a new home and has little or no AGA cookery experience.

An online class that includes step by step instructions to enable you to quickly master the 80/20 rule and essentially cook all day long beside a traditional style AGA as well as learn the benefits of the new generation models.

The tutorial offers a combination of 'hands on' cookery as well as theory, just like our award winning, one-to-one cookery classes.  This is the perfect opportunity to find your way around your stove in the comfort of your own home, as well as learn the fundamental rules of making the most of your valuable new asset.

We will share lots of hints and tips, explain the AGA rules and why it helps to follow them, as well as give you the chance to hone some cookery skills.  This online class is suitable for the owner of every type of AGA.


Online AGA cookery tuition will resume for the 2024 autumn term. Please get in touch for more details or to arrange a date.

Our award-winning, hands on and personalised cookery classes are available to book at the farmhouse from early spring 2024.

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