Navy Linen Bread Storage Bag with Bluebell Design


Linen bread storage bags, hand crafted in Cornwall by Helen Round.  A perfect sustainable solution for storing homemade sourdough and artisan breads.

Illustrated with an original hand drawn English bluebell design that is screen printed using time honoured techniques.

This design is also available as an AGA chef pad and tea towel.

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Gift voucher with a hand written note (£5.00)

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Navy blue linen, reusable linen storage bag with screen printed English bluebell design.  Always loved by our guests, we use these sustainable kitchen linens everyday in the cookery school kitchen.

This sustainable alternative to cling film and plastic is created by Helen Round.  The hand drawn, original image is screen printed by Helen and her team, living and working along the Cornish coast.   The bag is made from 100 % linen in navy blue and the front side is adorned with English bluebells, reminiscent of a quintessential spring chalk woodland.

Easy to machine wash at 30 C, which enables you to use them time and again to keep sourdough and artisan breads fresher for longer.  The unique design also makes them really useful for outdoor dining.  Also available in this colour: matching linen tea towel and AGA chef pads.

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Tried and tested in our busy cookery school kitchen, We love these reusable linen bread bags because they look great, as well as being very practical for storing homemade sourdough and bread rolls:

  • Too pretty to be hidden away in a cupboard, so don’t look out of place on the breakfast table.  Equally don’t look out of place on the kitchen counter or in the centre of the picnic table.
  • Ideal for covering bread rolls whilst dining outside or preparing the barbeque
  • Useful hanging hook for storage
  • The linen allows bread to breathe so are ideal for sourdoughs as well as compressed yeasted doughs
  • Linen bread storage bags are reusable as well as washable so they are a great alternative to cling film and plastic bags.

*Following food safety and hygiene guidelines.

We are really proud to stock sustainable linens by Helen Round. All tried and tested in during our cookery classes.

  • In addition to being beautifully designed, all of the materials used in these products are ethically sourced and made using small batch production, with each linen piece hand-printed, using traditional screen-printing techniques.
  • Each product is designed to minimise waste and offer customers a sustainable, low impact, environmentally friendly alternative to single use products
  • The reusable and long lasting nature of their eco-products cuts out the use of cling-film.
  • Easily washable either by hand or in a machine @ 30 C
  • This community based company evidently values its team who are rewarded with a living wage

The Helen Round philosophy is to create products that are long lasting, beautifully made and of excellent quality, with the smallest possible impact on the environment.

We hope you love the range as much as we do!

Kitchen hacks & tips

Great ways to make the most of your sourdough and artisan loaves:

  • Always delicious fresh from the bakery, but a couple of days later, sourdough is best sliced and toasted
  • Day old bread can be cut into croutons and toasted in the oven brushed with a little olive oil.
  • Or, tear into rough pieces and bake with  whole garlic cloves, fresh rosemary and a generous glug of olive oil to add to a salad of ripe tomatoes and basil
  • Grate by hand or whizz the remainder of a loaf in the food processor to freeze as fresh crumbs.  Or place in a cool oven to dry and store in a Kilner jar.  Dried crumbs are great for ‘baked, gratinated dishes’.
  • Butter (or oil) baking dishes and coat with fine dried breadcrumbs before adding pasta or vegetables.  This will make the dish far easier to clean.
  • Combine dried crumbs with fresh herbs and parmesan to make a tasty topping for gratins, savoury crumbles, pasta recipes and stuffed vegetables
  • Use leftover bread to make puddings, such as Charlottes, Classic Bread Pudding, Brown Bread Ice-Cream, Summer Pudding, Christmas Pudding etc
  • Make stuffings go further.
  • Create a seasonal bread sauce to serve alongside roasted chicken dishes (and not just for Christmas!).
  • Make Scotch eggs or Arancini

Care instructions

To keep your bread bag looking its best:

100% linen Machine washable at 30 degrees


Measures approx: 42cm x 28cm x 12cm

Made from

Made from 100% linen with a natural cotton tie