Mason Cash Green Mixing Bowl


Traditional mixing bowl created by iconic pottery ‘Mason Cash’. This classic design is the ideal size for every day use in the kitchen. A thoughtful gift for home cooks and bakers.  British crafted kitchen ware that has been that has been lovingly passed through the generations.

A really useful mixing bowl that will be put to good use everyday.

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Gift voucher with a hand written note (£5.00)

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Traditional mixing bowl by iconic pottery ‘Mason Cash’with classic embossed pattern & contemporary green glaze.

Ideal for every kitchen that has its heart in the country.  Loved by every cook and home baker that adores preparing nostalgic recipes.



More information

Traditional mixing bowl created by iconic brand, ‘Mason Cash’  will make a great gift for any cook.  Part of our ‘tried and tested’ baking range and used everyday in the farmhouse kitchen cookery classes.

These are the bowls that we use everyday to refresh our sourdough, create  larger batches of pastry or biscuit dough and to quickly mix buttermilk scones or Madeleines. We love this classic shape that is now available in a contemporary cream glaze. A perfect gift for every home cook or baker.

The traditional Mason Cash mixing bowl is instantly recognisable as this functional kitchenware brand that has been equipping home cooks for over 200 years. A well designed bowl that will not slip whilst creaming cake batter or rubbing in pastry.  It’s also perfectly safe to pop in the dishwasher too!

BPA, PFOA and PTFE free.

Why we LOVE Mason Cash

Loved by us for their distinct kitchenware.  Mason Cash has been a favourite in our family for the last three generations.  Originally known as Mason Pottery and founded during the 1800’s.  It was located in the Derbyshire village of Church Gresley.  This rural community became the beating heart of the English ceramic industry.  The design and manufacture of their iconic mixing bowl with its characteristic pattern, easy grip rim and classic ‘white and cane’ glaze, was launched in 1901. A well-known classic, loved by cooks and bakers.  It has become something of an heirloom to be treasure by the chef in your family.

Kitchen hacks & tips

Mason Cash  Mixing Bowls

Use for:

  • Baking: Ideal for proving dough, rubbing pastry and creaming batters
  • Ferments & Sourdough Starters:  Use our large linen bowl covers which  allow food & ferments to breathe
  • Marinating, infusing & soaking: Soaking dried fruits for baking or overnight proves

Care instructions

Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.

Heat resistant up to 180°C


26 cm diameter

11.5 cm high

Made from

Durable and chip resistant earthenware with off white almost cream internal and external glaze.  

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