Online ‘back to basics’ AGA cookery class.


A combined course of two ‘one to one’ online sessions with the opportunity to keep in touch with AGA cookery questions in between each tutorial.

This  package has been especially developed for busy clients who may have recently moved to a home with either a traditional or new generation AGA but may not have the availability to visit Dorset.

Online tuition tailored to suit every cook who would love to make the most of their cast iron stove.

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Gift voucher with a hand written note (£5.00)

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Easy to follow stages as well as clear handouts and core recipes to help you get to grips with your beloved AGA. This class is ideal for anyone who has just moved to a new home and has little or no AGA cookery experience.

An online class that includes step by step instructions to enable you to quickly master the 80/20 rule and essentially cook all day long beside a traditional style AGA as well as learn the benefits of the new generation models.

The tutorial offers a combination of 'hands on' cookery as well as theory, just like our award winning, one-to-one cookery classes.  This is the perfect opportunity to find your way around your stove in the comfort of your own home, as well as learn the fundamental rules of making the most of your valuable new asset.

We will share lots of hints and tips, explain the AGA rules and why it helps to follow them, as well as give you the chance to hone some cookery skills.  This online class is suitable for the owner of every type of AGA.

How the online class works:

Simply book online,  or contact us if you prefer to settle by BACS, and you will receive all of the tutorials as well as clear PDF notes and classic recipes. Take your time to study these at your own pace.  Re-visit the video clips, time and time again when it suits you or simply refer to a certain topic.

If you should wish, you will also have access to our Facebook group page so that you can share recipes and post images of your fabulous bakes with other cookery school guests.

Here at All Hallows, the philosophy or our AGA approved cookery school is to teach skills rather than stand alone recipes, so we will also share tips on how dishes can be adjusted to take account of the seasons and your store cupboard.

What you will need for all of the sessions:

As this is an 'introductory course' we urge you to get to grips with your AGA before investing in new cookware. Once you are enjoying your cast-iron stove more than you had ever hoped for, it will soon become apparent which items you will find useful to suit your family and lifestyle. However, there are a few bits and bobs that you will definitely need and these are easily available online:

Plain cold shelf - this should be already with your AGA but sometimes can be lost during a home move.  Take a peek inside of stove as it may have been left on the oven floor.

Kettle - an AGA kettle is definitely a must and will last a lifetime.  We will also talk about how to take care of it during your online class.


Kitchen timer


Swiss roll tin or AGA half size roasting tin

Quiche or tart tin

Baking parchment or silicon paper 

Kettle - an AGA kettle is definitely a must and will last a lifetime.  We will also talk about how to take care of it during your online class.

AGA toaster - for the classic toast with the instantly recognisable criss-cross pattern that once tasted is forever longed for.

'Nice to have' cookware - we chat through these during your online course.

We make everyday recipes during the online course and these are chosen specifically because the methods are transferable to more complex dishes:

For a a step by step and visual introduction to all of the AGA cookery methods you will make the following everyday recipes during the course:

Classic Swiss roll and homemade lemon curd

Cheese scones, a soda bread and drop scones or pancakes

English Muffins and classic white bread rolls

Savoury tart or quiche and a frittata or Spanish omelette

We will also demonstrate all TEN of the AGA cookery methods throughout the duration of the tutorial.

Everyday store cupboard ingredients that you will need as you work through your cookery sessions:

Flour - ideally plain, self raising and strong, bread flour

Yeast - fresh or dried

Free range eggs

Caster sugar

Lemons - un-waxed

Butter - salted and unsalted

Milk semi and full fat or double cream

Cider vinegar or buttermilk

Onions, leeks or shallots

Waxy potatoes such as Desiree or Charlotte

Olive oil

Cheddar cheese

The tuition is set out in 'bite size' video clips as well as PDF recipe cards so once you have booked your online class, you are able to revisit these as often as you wish. Just like our 'one to one' classes, Lisa still promises that you can contact her by email at any time for AGA cookery help and advice. 

Your AGA is perfect for making the most of a busy family kitchen and for entertaining and this 'back to basics' introductory course will enable you to understand the rules of AGA cookery as well as to be able to convert all conventional recipes to AGA methods.

Recent testimonials following our kitchen classes.

Judith from Holland - 'We really enjoyed our day at the farmhouse. My (mother-in-law) Corry also had a great day as I hear her telling the story of our day to everyone.'

Sallie-Ann from Bath - 'Yesterday’s Beef Stew was a rip roaring success with my his words restaurant standard!  Mustard mash and vegetables all perfect too.l cheated on a chocolate cake homemade from a local cafe but not great, hence a baking class with you on my return.  Lisa I can’t thank you enough for giving me confidence again to feel I can do it.'

Kirsty from Dorset - 'I so enjoyed yesterday and really cannot thank you enough for answering all my questions!'


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