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An online ‘one to one ‘ AGA cookery class that has been especially created for anyone who has moved to a new home with a traditional AGA and would love to make the most of their pre-loved cast iron stove.



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Gift Wrap Design (£5.00)

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Friendly and informative online tuition tailored for your household.  An introduction to making the most of your ‘new to you’ traditional AGA. This class is an ideal gift for anyone who has just moved to a new home and has little or no AGA cookery experience.

An initial pre-booked hour to chat through the benefits of your cooker and explain the ten AGA cookery methods. This will be followed by a second personalised hour 7-10 days following your first class. We will also send a list of store cupboard ingredients that you can choose to have at hand, enabling you to trial some of our suggestions, whilst we are online together.

Easy to follow stages as well as clear handouts and recipes to help you get to grips with your beloved AGA will also be included.

An online personalised class that includes step by step instructions to enable your loved one to quickly master the 80/20 rule and essentially cook all day long beside a traditional style AGA as well as learn the benefits of the new generation models.

The tutorial offers a combination of ‘hands on’ cookery as well as theory, just like our award winning, one-to-one cookery classes.  This is the perfect opportunity to find your way around your stove in the comfort of your own home, as well as learn the fundamental rules of making the most of your valuable new asset.

We will share lots of hints and tips, explain the AGA rules and why it helps to follow them, as well as give you the chance to hone some cookery skills.  This online class is suitable for the owner of every type of AGA.



The class is available in two hour slots at a time to suit you.  We usually suggest the first hour includes an introduction to the ten rules of AGA cookery which is accompanied by our easy to follow guides along with classic recipes.

The second session is a follow up so that we can pinpoint any concerns and make sure the whole family gets to grip with the 80/20 rule.  There is also time to create a recipe or two in each session.

You are also welcome to keep in touch with any AGA cookery questions following your online sessions.

Online AGA cookery classes are available to book Wednesday – Saturday subject to availability between 10 am – 6.30 pm

Judith from Holland – ‘We really enjoyed our day at the farmhouse. My (mother-in-law) Corry also had a great day as I hear her telling the story of our day to everyone.’

Sallie-Ann from Bath – ‘Yesterday’s Beef Stew was a rip roaring success with my son…..in his words restaurant standard!  Mustard mash and vegetables all perfect too.l cheated on a chocolate cake homemade from a local cafe but not great, hence a baking class with you on my return.  Lisa I can’t thank you enough for giving me confidence again to feel I can do it.’

Kirsty from Dorset – ‘I so enjoyed yesterday and really cannot thank you enough for answering all my questions!’

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