HEIST Espresso & Peanut Butter


We love a collaboration and this joyful mix has created a perfectly balanced treat.

Espresso from the Girls Who Grind Coffee partnered with richly roasted salted peanuts and 75 % dark chocolate.

Definitely a bar to be enjoyed one nibble at a time, but what’s not to LOVE?

Chocolate made without compromise as well as  impeccable attention to detail. Just like it’s gorgeous wrapper and beautifully designed label.


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Bean origin: Sambirano Valley, Madagascar

Dark chocolate (cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter) roasted peanuts, ground coffee beans, sea salt.

Dark chocolate contains cocoa solids 75 % minimum

Roasted peanuts 

May contain traces of egg, gluten, milk and nuts.

Suitable for vegans.

Mulberry & Fig homewares have been exclusively created for us by artisans located in the West Country, as well as a few especially selected treats from further afield.



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