Garden Scissors


Ideal for removing delicate blooms that have faded, these small scissors are sharp and comfortable to hold.

During the summer, we use these handy scissors everyday in the cutting garden as they are perfect to slot inside a ball of twine for tying up sweet peas and other trailing plants in need of support.


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Gift voucher with a hand written note (£5.00)

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The blades of these scissors are very sharp.  KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.

Not available to purchase by anyone under the age of 18.

Scissors – 10.5 cm long

A handy little tool also known as Bonsai scissors, flower snips or Chinese scissors.  Which ever name appeals to you the most, there’s no denying that gardeners and flower growers will turn to them again and again to remove the dead heads from your blooms and encourage more growth.

I also keep a pair handy in my foraging basket beside the back door as they are perfect for gathering elderflower heads as well as elder berries.  They are also great for snipping the whole stalk of currants and sugar snap peas.