Bespoke AGA Cookery

The AGA is arguably a British icon that has won the hearts of many cooks, including my own. A cast-iron cooker that represents the heart of the home and has seamlessly become the centre of family life. Whether you live deep in the countryside or in the city, there is now an AGA to suit you.

From her very first days of working as a private chef for a family, who spent their time between Dorset and London, then establishing her well known and successful catering company, Lisa Osman considers herself privileged to have enjoyed cooking beside her client’s beloved stoves. After founding her AGA approved cookery school in Dorset this experience has taken her further afield to teach across the UK, Ireland, Italy and the USA.

Lisa loves welcoming guests to her farmhouse home, located in the historic village of Wimborne St Giles, and to share that knowledge with her cookery school guests. We offer private tuition and tailor-made courses and we guarantee that you will learn how to get the most from this unique style of cookery.

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