We were to excited to visit our local independent cook shop at the weekend who gave us a very warm welcome and kept us going with a never ending supply of steaming hot mugs of tea, whilst we chatted with so many of their friendly customers.


During the afternoon we talked about the preparation of the fruit and which Seville oranges that we recommend you seek out to make the very best marmalade. We also discussed the differences between the variety of sugars that are available to the home cook.

We stressed the importance of making sure that your recipe is well balanced and how to test for and achieve a great set.

It was great to see that there is such a resurgence and interest in making traditional marmalade, as well as to receive so much encouragement for our preserves.  If you are new to marmalade making we really hope that we have inspired you to have a go for yourself, so we have shared our recipe for fine cut Seville orange marmalade in our cook’s notes.

Equally if you have any preserving questions or have a favourite family recipe that you would be willing to share, we’d love to hear from you.

Finally a big thank you to Salamander Cook Shop in Wimborne for inviting us along, we hope to return soon.